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SPV client library for iOS with BIP32 support. Extensive test suite and continuous integration builds. Syncs with the web wallet and iphone app seamlessly. Single file binary download. A complete solution to start your own bitcoin trading or exchange platform e website provides demo with 100 source code, go to market options and easy setup. Custom solutions built upon the world's most trusted matching engine. Bit-pay - Mobile Checkout, set prices in any currency and receive mobile-to-mobile payment Coinbase iPhone App Easywallet. 9 Vaihtoehtoisia käyttöliittymiä ovat muun muassa bitcoin-js-remote, joka on JavaScript-web-käyttöliittymä viralliselle Bitcoin-ohjelmalle. Bitcoin Consultancy - an organization providing open source software and Bitcoin-related consulting Open Transactions - a financial crypto and digital cash software library, complementary to Bitcoin Moneychanger - Java-based GUI for Open Transactions BTCnames - a webbased aliasing service which allows to handle unlimited names. Tämän vuoksi saatavilla on myös paljon erilaisia vaihtoehtoisia bitcoin-sovelluksia, jotka soveltuvat paremmin peruskäyttön. ExKnox - Open Source Exchange Software Development Team.

Merkeleon - Bitcoin Exchange Software. Org 8 -työkalulla on mahdollista tehdä sekä paperilompakoita että aivolompakoita. Also supports automatic market-making on your exchange using 3rd party exchanges such as Bitfinex, btcchina, and others. FO - A free profit/loss portfolio manager for Bitcoins and other digital currencies including many charts.

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Php code igniter, database and logging auth system included. GoCoin - Payment gateway for bitcoin. Gox, TradeHill, ExchB, CampBX, and InstaWallet. Bitcoin bitcoin stocktwits Sentiment Index - A financial index that collects and disseminates sentiment data about bitcoin. No programming skills required to set. Bitcoin Trade Data Bitcoin Charts Prices, volume, and extensive charting on virtually all Bitcoin markets. Bitcoiner - Java RPC client (Android armory - Enterprise grade Python-based client Spesmilo - Python/PySide RPC client (abandoned) Gocoin - WebUI client written in Go language, with a cold deterministic brain-wallet.