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speed markets now operate. The robots are here, as with all elements of the financial services industry, automation and online trading are making business faster and more competitive. Its great to wake up each day to a snapshot of whats happening in the global markets. @tdansherrod, nicole Sherrod runs this account. @ErikFossing, erik Fossing Nielsen is the group chief economist at UniCredit. Follow as many as you like and combine their knowledge with your own! With these forces looming on the horizon, it looks like the forex industry is set to become the most exciting it has been for a good long while. New restrictions will make it costlier for corporations to hedge erratic currency marketsbut could also make the financial system safer. Because they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a corporation, they are often used instead of exchange-traded futures, which involve standardized contracts. Higher capital requirements under Basel III have made it more costly for banks to hold uncleared OTC derivatives positions. There is even potential for new companies to be created from scratch, something that has been more or less impossible over the past few years.

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So far, only non-deliverable forwards (in which there is no physical settlement of the contracts) have shifted significantly to central clearing, says Axel Pierron, managing director of global consultancy Opimas. This is definitely one of the must follow twitter accounts to get a feel for how investment professionals think and act in the markets. With the Brexit process officially triggered and a surprise election adding to the chaos in the UK, both the pound and the euro are set for a rocky ride. Whether businesses liked it or not, inaction was often the only sensible choice during a year when it felt like anything was possible. Banks are also valuable sources of information and advice on currency-related issues, particularly for companies venturing into emerging and frontier markets, where constantly changing restrictions may apply. Sonders, she tweets out her thoughts about the economy. But in the world of foreign currency trading, this situation proved to be an exciting playground for firms of every size.

Finance forex 2017
finance forex 2017

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