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addition in Nvidias lineup of high-end gaming GPUs, but here we are more interested in another aspect for using these video cards crypto mining. Therefore, we will test the 3 GB model only for Zcash (Equihash) mining. In this article we will test Nvidia GTX 1060 mining hashrate for various algorithms. Mark Model Core Mem Clock Algorithm Hash speed asus Strix GTX Ethereum 22Mh/s asus 750Ti 2Gb Neoscrypt 230Kh/s asus GTX Neoscrypt 592Kh/s asus GTX Etherum 20Mh/s asus 850m Blake256(Decred) 420Mh asus 780 Ti Ethereum.6Mh/s asus GTX 750Ti X11 3040Kh/s asus GTX970 Strix. See the table below: Rig Power consumption Rig price (CU) Ethash hashrate Equihash hashrate Usd/Mh (ethash) Usd/Mh (equihash) 4*GF1060 700W 1250 usd 80 Mh/s 1160 H/s GF1070 850W 2150 usd 112 Mh/s 1680 H/s 967.5 GF1060 has the lowest Equihash hashrate (it is considered. Neoscrypt 720Kh/s evga GTX 9 3005 Ethereum.1Mh/s evga GTX 580.5 Gb X11 1,5Mh/s evga 770 Classified (4GB) Blake256(Decred) 344Mh/s evga 560ti DS SC Blake256(Decred) 212Mh/s evga GTX Ethereum 17,5Mh/s evga GTX 750Ti SC 2GB Ethereum.3Mh/s evga 660 ti x Ethereum 23Mh/s evga.

Even with an average electricity rate amounting to .1 per kW/h, a reduction in GPU power consumption will be a profitable step. At this stage, its worth mentioning that GTX 1060 cooling system excels at keeping the GPU temperature at 56-60 degrees Celsius at 65 fan speed. GTX 1060 with 9 instead of 8 GHz gddr5 looked quite promising also.

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L2 Cache Size: 2816K, total Video Memory: 11264MB gddr5X, memory Interface: 352-bit. Frequency: 107 MHz / 926 MHz Power Limit: 85 Energy consumption: 100W NiceHash mining: NeoScrypt (experimental.413 MHS / sec (.000361 BTC per day) Lyra2Rev2 (ccminer.32 MHS / sec (.000524 BTC per day) Dagger-Hashimoto (ethminer.45 MHS / sec (.00076 BTC. Hopefully we are going to be able to run some more benchmarks in the next couple of days and play around to see what the GPU is capable in terms of overclocking, though with the pretty high boost frequency and a TDP of 250W you. To date, if you buy video cards at inflated prices, the GTX 1060 (ETH mining) ROI is 267 days (almost 9 months!). Radeon bitcoin app rahaa difference was about 70 usd.

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